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She is best known for her roles as Bridget Hennessy on the sitcom 8 Simple Rules, Brandy Harrington on Brandy & Mr.

Whiskers, Billie Jenkins on the supernatural drama series Charmed, and recently as Penny Hofstadter on the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Before this, she was known and credited as Kaley Cuoco; and from then on, she begins to be credited as Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting.

After the announcement of their divorce, her credit reverted back to her maiden name as of "The Bachelor Party Corrosion." Cuoco was born in Camarillo, California, to Gary Carmine Cuoco, an Oxnard, California, realtor, and Layne Ann Wingate, a homemaker. Kaley was schooled on the set and earned her high school diploma at the age of 16.

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A monster hit for NBC's Saturday-morning programming during its run from 1989 to 1993, the teen sitcom featured little in terms of innovation or quality — its plots were well-worn in cliché, the acting ranged from competent to deplorable, there were very few high-wattage guest stars, and the jokes possessed a staleness that Generation X would presumably wretch at a few years later.

The strongest case you can make for the show's legacy is that it provided a basic bedrock for the success of teen shows that were to come, from the high-stakes melodrama of Beverly Hills, 90210 to the legion of imitators that followed in its wake (we're looking at you, California Dreams).

Even a light kidnapping subplot (#Save Screech) can't add friction to this failed experiment in expanding the show's universe. "Breaking Up Is Hard to Undo" (Episode 33) Everyone breaks up! Sorry, guys — this is Saved by the Bell, not My So-Called Life.

These characters are practically immune to misfortune. "Jessie's Song" (Episode 29) Come on, you knew this was going to be No. In a show where the protagonists' threat level barely breached "pop quiz," "Jessie's Song" is an instant classic of overwrought melodrama, as Jessie's overachieving ways take her to the brink when she develops a caffeine dependency. Hold your applause (and laughter) for the forever-iconic "I'm so …

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Kaley Christine Cuoco (formerly Sweeting, pronounced /ˈkeɪliː ˈkoʊkoʊ/; born November 30, 1985, Camarillo, California) is an American television actress.At this point during the infamous "Malibu Sands" arc, where the gang spends part of their summer working at a beach resort, the plotlines have become so unimaginably stale (even for this show) that it practically has the audience begging to return to Bayside. "Save That Tiger" (Episode 16) Much like purgatory, Saved by the Bell is most effective as an isolated entity, its characters trapped in a scenario they're doomed to repeat, day after day.So this season-one finale — in which we get a taste of Bayside's rivalry with the nearby Valley school, complete with lunkheaded students and a prank-happy principal — feels alien and unnecessary.We as a culture, inexplicably, retain a level of fascination with Saved by the Bell: human-meme-generator Jimmy Fallon has hosted not one, but two cast "reunions" on his late-night programs in the past five years, while the extremely public flameout of Screech actor Dustin Diamond has provided the kind of car-crash entertainment that the real Saved by the Bell only gave us sparing tastes of (we’re looking at you, overly caffeinated Jessie Spano).The entire series is still on Netflix, too — meaning that there are most likely teenagers applying the "Netflix and chill" ethos to a show whose characters would've preferred a trip to the video store and some root beer.Today’s Top Stories | Today’s Weather Forecast Welcome to WTIC News Talk 1080 on CBSConnecticut.com!

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