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He determined this style indicated a direct correlation to the wearer’s apparent I. Observant men wear theirs during all waking hours, except when bathing and swimming. It’s a constant reminder of their humility before God and strong belief in something greater than themselves.

How to Take off a Hat: When taking off your hat, hold it so only the outside of the hat shows, not the inside and lining.

Although there are many staple dishes in Pakistan, cuisine can vary greatly depending on geography.

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Breakfast usually includes bread, tea, fruits, eggs and other items such as honey and nuts. Dinner is very much a family affair and it typically incorporates one or more of the following dishes: Pakistan has a rich culture of arts and crafts which have in some cases been traced back to the artistic culture of the Indus Valley civilization.

Some examples of Pakistani love for arts are as follows: Where possible, the paternal grandfather is asked to name a new born child.

Pakistan as we know it today is situated in a part of the world that was previously home to the ancient ‘Indus Valley’ civilisation which dates to the Bronze age.

When the civilisation started to collapse, circa 1,900AD, the area became subject to ongoing invasions by groups such as the Arabs, Parthians, Kushans, White Huns, Greeks, Persians and Turks.

Pork is forbidden in Islam and, as such, you are unlikely to come across it during your travels.

The majority of Pakistanis eat breakfast, lunch and a large evening meal which is shared as a family.

Women’s Fashion Hats: Traditionally, women wearing fashion hats are not required to take them off.

That said, unless they are small and tight around the head, they too should be removed when at a dining table or in a theatre, sporting event, or other places where they may hamper someone’s view or be disruptive to others.

The magazine warned certain foods, such as celery, could ‘quite correctly be eaten with the hands’.

However apples and pears should be approached with caution, because ‘fruit causes some embarrassment.’ 'The rules of correct procedure vary,' the magazine warned.

Pakistanis do not require as much personal space as most western cultures.


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