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Please plan to convert your applications to use them.

(A few niche classes here have no equivalents in concurrent.

They will become part of a follow-up add-on package that will also include other unstandardized classes.) If you cannot convert to J2SE5 immediately, consider using a backport of the main concurrent classes by Dawid Kurzyniec .

This package provides standardized, efficient versions of utility classes commonly encountered in concurrent Java programming.

This code consists of implementations of ideas that have been around for ages, and is merely intended to save you the trouble of coding them.

Discussions of the rationale and applications of several of these classes can be found in the second edition of Concurrent Programming in Java.

To login you must be registered with the Vound support portal. Be aware that by default the security settings on these platforms are heavily locked down.

Registration can take up to 12 hours for registration to be processed. on your computer you will need to complete the following 3 steps: * Download and install Intella * Create a c2v file on the computer that you want to use Intella P. The reason we say we formally do not support 20 is beca...

If you arrived at page links from your local documentation, please check the version number and get an update if you are running an outdated version.

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