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Nick fell for Sharon at first sight, but since she was dating Matt Clark, he stayed with Amy.Nick ended up winning Sharon from Matt, who hated Nick.Months later Sharon fell on the ice and went into early labor.

Grace was helping out by spending the night in the nursery, but actually plotting to steal Nick.

Nick came home drunk and made love to a willing Grace, thinking she was his wife.

Mother and son fought, and Nick moved in with his father.

Unlike Nikki, Victor adored Sharon and even paid for an operation for her mother which they could not afford.

The police arrested Nick, who thought Sharon did it.

When Matt came to, he said Nick was the one who had shot him.

Not long after they married Sharon "accidentally" got pregnant.

Nick wanted to wait and tried to talk her into an abortion, but Sharon couldn't do it.

He dated Amy Wilson, a girl Nikki liked, who was willing to do anything including sleep with Nick to get him.

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