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A lot of peer 2 peer networks mentioned in the original article have disappeared or taken over or shut down due to lack of users or law enforcement agency.We have updated the list mentioning current status of the client, so you can skip those clients without bothering to download and check it.A lot of things have changed in all these years and we felt its time that we updated this article with new content.

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Win MX network has limited number of Viruses and also it has the restriction of maximum file size can be shared is 2 GB only.

Win MX is majorly used for audio and video file sharing but you can use it for sharing any types of files.

Supported Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac Download Bittorrent Client 3.) Soulseek: Current Status – Active Soluseek central server type of P2P file sharing application.

Soluseek is good old p2p file sharing program best of sharing music files.

1.) u Torrent: The small and lightweight torrent client available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android smartphones, u Torrent tops the list of file sharing program.

The free version of u Torrent may come with ads, but has most of the features that one may need while torrenting.

The pro version of u Torrent comes with streaming and premium customer support. 2.) Bittorrent : This is one of best, fastest, safe and widely used p2p program.

Performance of Bit Torrent is way better than any other available P2P clients.

I haven’t got any infected files or corrupted installer.


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