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Older Chinese are ruthless savers so AIA skillfully assets that, after years of hardship, freedom from worry is a worthy financial goal.Burberry's "real quality never goes out of fashion" and Dove's celebration of "real beauty" can be focused into mature-targeted campaign platforms. Brands must explicitly acknowledge 50 wisdom and generate admiration of "elder masters." Shide wine elegantly links the clarity of white alcohol with the "acumen of ancient sages." In a one droll HSBC ad, a silver-haired father wields a credit card to restore family harmony while paying for an expensive meal.Attain "Forever Young." Brands promoting health benefits should move beyond worry-based protection (e.g., supplementing calcium deficiency to ward against weak bones) to embrace life-enhancing liberation.

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In Japan, Pocari Sweat, a sports drink, fueled the victory of spry old men over SMAP, a local boy band. To strengthen the 50 market's sense of belonging, brands can bridge the gap between new and traditional ways of life by lubricating inter-generational communication.

Historically, non-differentiated "gifting" has been the most prevalent means of encouraging offspring to fulfill Confucian obligation to parents.

When will De Beers throw Diamond Anniversary Parties for couples whose love lasts forever?

Digital technology -- elderly chatrooms, blogs and social networking sites have begun to up everywhere -- already facilitates the fortification of old and new acquaintances.

Their worldview is characterized by Confucian faith that age is tantamount to wisdom, that obedience by and respect from the younger generation are the fruit of their long, hard struggle through sixty years of nation building. The 50 cohort, anxious and self-protective, questions its own relevance. Driven by rising incomes, the power digital technology and a Middle Kingdom connected with the outside world, sunset days can blossom into rainbow years.

The mature market is also beguiled by the promise of new friends, burgeoning fitness and travel options, on-line self-expression and a revolutionary concept that "fun" need not be guilty pleasure.

Savvy brands acknowledge grandparents' interest in -- indeed, obligation --to contribute to their grandkids' well being. Nestle's Taitaile, a flavor enhancer, explicitly endorses -- and facilitates -- a mother-in-law's dominion over the kitchen and, hence, the entire family's nutritional well-being. In an era of sweeping change and social disorientation, brands should be platforms for social bonding.

Which property tycoon will break ground by building a luxury village for seniors?

Even Nike, during the lead up to the 2008 Olympics, aired a droll TVC featuring a guru to personify an ageless Just Do It spirit.


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