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Father Ignacio was a creature of darkness hiding within under a cloak of righteousness, a vampire as dark and ancient as any in the world.

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As long as you acted and looked as if you were busy, no one bothered you.

Alan sat at the back of the room pencil in hand lost in the world of his own creation.

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The three girls and myself got in the back of the camper for the short drive back to Bond's lair. With Ally helping out at Sylv's Salon and Bernie at her Gran's for the day, after an early training ride, Rhod and I joined Mad at her place.

"Well we're always doing that, it's like ESP, don't you girls do that at all? "Er no" Jules answered, did I just hear Debbie right?His early memories were difficult living with unhappy parents who frequently took out their unhappiness on him.Emotionally scarred instead of lashing out, John retreated into himself. right now, I still have breasts." "Good for you my friend, I still need to shave, the estrogen has just started to work." "Who is the surgeon?" Mad asked The Wayward Messiah PROLOGUE Father Ignacio was the keeper and master of his parish, and he controlled his flock with fear of fire and damnation.Fear was a tasty emotion to the old priest, one that could feed him forever.She grows up as a girl in a boy's body and has a best friend who accepts her for who she truly is.


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