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sometimes you meet a woman for life after just two days, sometimes you have to look for your match a few years.

I have heard about negative and positive experiences.

Please come back often as we are always updating with new information. com: (These websites are not active for the time being).

These 3 scam websites are owned and operated by a 57 years old German scammer Thomas Lautenbach (Nickname: Tommi)/ (Birth date: 13 April 1959). (Address: Am Wasserwerk 4, Rottenburg 84056 Germany (Also reported to be living and moving between Nuernberg, Seeheim-Jugenheim and Landshut near Munich) / Phone: 49 17641075286 - 49 8781203820 - 49 1708182407 / Email: (We received this photo from a German man who was ripped off by this scammer) This agency recruits girls from Russian and Ukrainian escort services, publish false information, invalid profiles, stolen Russian women's photos, send bogus emails and what worse this scammer write letters to clients on the lady’s behalf and after they feel that everything went “too far”, they write a long “sorry, I have found my soul mate” letter and that’s it.

When we met, she is stone cold and I sense very negative attitude from the beginning. The interpreter is not very good and she said she is from other town. I wonder it is normal in Ukraine for the first date.

At the end of meeting the lady ask the interpreter to ask me for taxi money. Of course I also need to pay around 1000 Uah for the interpreter.

Ukrainian women do not ask Ukrainian men for money while dating, either. After a while, I said I need to go so I put down 500 Uah.

You should not even pay her bills at the restaurant. These women are adults who have to pay for themselves.I give her 200 Uah and she ask for more so I give her another 100 Uah. : A lady which I had a few letters before which is pretty cold actually.When we met, she become more friendly and she speak some English. Since I have another meeting, this one only last for three hours. I wait for her at the place she set and the first one showing up is another interpreter, then the lady and her brother.At pm, she called and said she is sitting in a Japanese Restaurant. After a while, I said I need to go so I put down 500 Uah.She said let her check the orders and she said they ordered about 600 something Uah and she need taxi money as she took taxi to come to see me so I put down another 500 Uah.No way, he is nothing but a sorry joke, the true is: He provides stolen pictures and fake women information.

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