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This is because most engines & directories place a high level of importance on keywords that are found in your title tag.

The title tag is also what the search engines usually use for the title of your listing in the search results.


The length that the different search engines accept varies, but as long as you keep within this limit you should be ok.

Tag tips: We recommend that you include 1-2 of your most important keyword phrases in the title tag, BUT be careful not to just list keywords.

Unfortunately for some of you there are some site design/set up issues that can make it very difficult for the search engines to list your web pages no matter how well you optimize and submit them.

We list them here, before you get into all the optimization tips, to hopefully save you from trying to list a site that that will be very difficult to get listed.

Since the keywords that you decide to target will be used throughout the optimization process choosing the right keywords is essential.

If you choose the wrong keywords you will not be found in the search engines.Try asking a few friends and family what they would search for when searching for a site like yours. Do a search using keywords that you already know you want to target and click through on the top sites that come up.Once on the site view the source HTML code and view the keywords they have in their meta tags - this should give you many more ideas!They cover everything you need to know about optimizing your web pages for the search engines quickly and easily.Search engine optimization tips listed in order of importance: 1-Potential Design/Set Up Problems If your site does not use Frames, Flash, Javascript, Image Maps, or Dynamic URLs you can skip to the next tip, or go back to the main search engine optimization tips page.What would they search for when looking for the page you are optimizing?

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