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Finally, in stages during the 1870's, Nagari legends and different designs were introduced and also milled coins began to be issued, eventually featuring the portrait of the Gaekwad on them.

Although Muhammad Akbar's name is off the flan, we can identify this coin by the particular form of Nagari aa (we see just the tip of the letter on the right edge of the flan on the reverse) ...

This coin belongs to the first phase, where the scimitar is represented vertically to the left of the julus, in continuation of the position in which it was represented on the coinage of Anand Rao (see previous coin). Diameter: 16 mm Die axis: 8 o'clock Legend naming Muhammad Akbar II, AH date 1244 (= 1828-29 CE) / Legend, with scimitar above the julus, RY date 24, Nagari sa off flan Reference: KM C37.2 This coin belongs to the second phase of Sayaji Rao's coinage, where the scimitar is represented horizontally above the julus.

KM lists the RY 24 half rupees with AH date 124x, indicating the lack of a specimen that showed the AH date clearly. Diameter: 16 mm Die axis: 9 o'clock Legend naming Muhammad Akbar II, AH date 1236 (= 1820-21 CE) / Legend, with scimitar to left of the julus, RY date 16, Nagari sa (for Sayaji) Reference: KM C31.1 Weight: 6.40 gm.

After 1857, since the Mughal emperor had been deposed even formally, it no longer made any sense to issue coins in his name, so the designs were changed and coins were issued in the name of "the Commander of the Sovereign Band," a title of the Gaekwad.

The legends on these coins were still in Persian and the coins themselves were still hand- struck.

The Gaekwads arose from humble origins; the name Gaekwad meaning "cow herd," but Pilaji's uncle Damaji had distinguished himself as a soldier and had been given the title of Shamsher Bahadur, or "distinguished swordsman." (This explains why later coins from Baroda feature a sword or scimitar as a dynastic symbol.) Pilaji continued in his uncle's footsteps, seizing the fort of Songadh from the Mughals and thereby earning his position of responsibility in the Maratha state.

However, although the Gaekwads trace their origins to this time, it was not until considerably later that Baroda can be truly thought of as an independent state.

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Another possibility is that the coin was issued by Malhar Rao in the first year of his reign (AH 1287), but his coins also normally carry a full AH date and, in any case, it seems almost certain that the Nagari letter identifying the king is saa, not maa.

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