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Men everyday claim to believe that women are their equal, but they don't live it.

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There may be no longer-lasting nor more deeply ingrained notion than sex oppression, beginning from and undergirding the very differentiation between the sexes the way it exists worldwide today.

That there are so many men out there who gladly give up their privilege, resting on the backs of women as it does, says so much about the humanity of men, that we really arent made to oppress and abuse and kill and subordinate as, in actuality, so few (if powerful) men proclaim.

Something I have discovered about myself is that although I have benefited financially from this system it has not made me happier. Self discovery has helped change that and now I want to see change in other men around me.

Girls and boys need to be taught that boys too can be sensitive, caring, and loving and girls too can be strong, independent, and capable.

Dear Meninist community, I am so glad to find like minds out there countering the myths and slander to all men that come from the mouths of pimps and pornographers.

It is exactly because men can choose to change who they are that men can and have been, graciously, held responsible for their actions by the feminist movement.

I so appreciate the collection of beautiful words on this page and add my own so as to make it clear that those who proclaim mens superiority, womens inferiority, or any denigrations on women disguised as sex differences that they do not speak for me.

I own up to my identity as a male, not out of pride but so as to stand as an ally.

5) We believe that women should be paid in parity to men for the same work done and women should be given the same opportunities in the work environment.


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