Biblical view on online dating

God will be consistent and He will fulfill His week timeline seen through the earthly ages and also seen through Israel’s holy convocations and similitude’s or “types” in scripture.

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If you do a quick Google study on the Internet on the year that Jesus was crucified you will see that there are those claiming all sorts of proof why they know the correct year of the crucifixion.

You can find some very good arguments why their date is correct but the problem is that their dates span every year from 30 AD to 35 AD.

That should not be surprising since Jesus Himself was raised on the third day and we are His spiritual Body.

There also are a number of 6000 year hints such as God’s Spirit striving with man for 120 years (120 Jubilees or 6000 years) – (Gen 6:3) .

The Church should be aware of the general time of the Lord’s coming.

Years ago I wrote 25 articles about events taking place on earth that correlate to indicate the general season of the Lord’s physical return to earth. If you read those articles and look at these world events, the astute should come to the conclusion that this downward slide of the world cannot go beyond the 2030’s without the world destroying itself.

They might all have good arguments but they certainly can’t all be correct.

If you only read the arguments on one website you might be convinced that this is the year that Jesus was crucified but after you read many of these top sites that talk about the date of the Lord’s crucifixion you probably should come to the conclusion that a conclusive date for the crucifixion is elusive.

For example, the Jews say there has only been 5771 years since creation.

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