Catholic religion rules for dating

One minute Zephyrinus would endorse a belief he thought orthodox and the next he would embrace the opposite statement.

Callistus soon made his value known, guiding Zephyrinus through theology to what he saw as orthodoxy.

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His master, Carporphorus made him manager of a bank in the Publica Piscina sector of Rome where Callistus took in the money of other Christians.

The bank failed -- according to Hippolytus because Callistus spent the money on his own pleasure-seeking.

Zephyrinus was good-hearted and well-meaning but had no understanding of theology.

This was disastrous in a time when heretical beliefs were springing up everywhere.

(Once again, this is a point for suspecting Hippolytus' account.

If Callistus was so despicable and untrustworthy why provide him with an income and a situation?The only story of his life we have is from someone who hated him and what he stood for, an author identified as Saint Hippolytus, a rival candidate for the chair of Peter. Hippolytus was very strict and rigid in his adherence to rules and regulations.The early Church had been very rough on those who committed sins of adultery, murder, and fornication.By choosing Christ's mission, he chose to spread the Gospel to all.Pope Callistus is listed as a martyr but we have no record of how he was martyred or by whom.Hippolytus was enraged by the mercy that Callistus showed to these repentant sinners, allowing them back into communion of the Church after they had performed public penance.

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