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The familiar term Mason Jar came after its inventor, Mr.Mason, who, at age 26, was a tinsmith in New York City.Bottles, candleholder & insulator " data-medium-file="https:// data-large-file="https:// class="alignnone wp-image-857 size-full" title="Glass medicine vial; beehive insulator; votive candle cup; Bromo Seltzer bottle; ink bottle; Bixby shoe polish bottle" src="https:// alt="small glass vial, Beehive Insulator, votive or vigil candleholder,bromo selzer, ink bottle, shoe polish bottle" width="600" height="201" srcset="https:// https:// sizes="(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px" / The glassmaking industry in the US is a huge field that dates back to the 1600s, and covers a vast array of items and applications, including both handmade and machine-made glass.

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There should be enough here to keep you busy reading until Christmas!

Here is the Update Table of Contents: In 2015, after fulfilling all of STERA, Inc.'s formal requirements for accessing materials in our various collections, the Board of Directors voted to approve Giulio Fanti's request for access to three of the remaining tape samples from the Ray Rogers Collection.

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Things might not always be how you expect them to be.

Every glass object, even the most lowly, commonplace glass bottle, has a story behind it, although all of the precise details may never be known.

What was the name of the company or factory where it was produced?For a brief, basic discussion on glass (especially concerning the most common type of glass used for containers and tableware), check out my webpage here: What is Glass?Where was the physical location of the sand supply that eventually was turned into the glass piece that you hold in your hand?I am not saying be passive, but the Lord will bring that person to you.God will help you meet the person who is meant for you.Jars carrying this embossing, often with other monograms, numbers, letters, etc., were widely produced until about 1920.


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  5. Another was Edward Otho Cresap Ord, II, who was also a United States Army Major who served with the 22nd Infantry Regiment during the Indian Wars, the Spanish–American War and the Philippine-American War. The son of Edward Otho Cresap Ord, II and grandson of Edward Ord was James Garesche Ord, who commanded the 28th Infantry Division and was Chairman of the Joint U. In 1859, while attending artillery school at Fort Monroe, Virginia, Ord was summoned by Secretary of War John B. Lee reached Harpers Ferry first, and Colonel Lee telegraphed to Captain Ord that the situation was under control and Ord and his men would not be needed at Harpers Ferry. After relocating to the east, Ord's first assignment was as a brigade commander in the Pennsylvania Reserves. Grant sent Ord with a detachment of two divisions along with Maj. Due to a possible acoustic shadow Ord's forces were never engaged and Rosecrans fought alone. Mc Clernand from his command, Ord was conveniently situated to assume command of the XIII Corps during the final days of the Siege of Vicksburg.

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