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Validation helps the person know they are on the right track.

Validation is the recognition and acceptance of another person’s internal experience as being valid.

 Self-validation is one of the best ways for emotionally sensitive people to manage their own feelings.

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 Whatever the reason, validation helps soothe emotional upset.

 Sometimes when change is very difficult, having the difficulty of the task recognized helps people keep working toward their goal.

Play until you have enough money to buy fifteen necklaces/rings and give them to Tomoko.

Note: Phone her a few times first to make sure she is not with the other person.

Your values and patterns and choices are highlighted and that helps people see their own personality characteristics more clearly.

Knowing  that you are heard and understood is a powerful experience and one that seems to relieve urgency.

You will get 15 if you have 0 coffees or 3 otherwise.

On Sunday Day 7, increase your Charm at the Fight Club (drink beer in v2.3 or sleep with a prostitute in version v2.8). Then, go to the Mall and buy six necklaces (v2.3) or rings (v2.8) and one teddy bear.

Two people can watch the same event occur and see different aspects and remember important details differently what is validating information.

Or maybe you wanted to be supportive and helpful to someone you love but couldn’t because your own emotions made it difficult.

You can validate someone you don’t like even though you probably wouldn’t want to.

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