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The framework enables the application of robust design at system level and fast cross-functional trade studies on novel engine architectures.The paper demonstrates a more efficient integration of structural and thermal analysis simulation capabilities.A link between CAD geometry and FEA tools is established to drive design via analysis and enable multi-disciplinary design optimisation.

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This paper will present techniques that perform tolerance analysis on assemblies with flexible components within the CAD and CAE environments.

In this study, wind tunnel test matrix of a newly developed Air-to-Ground missile is designed utilizing the Design of Experiment method based on Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations for various combinations of input parameters that are angle of attack, side-slip angle, Mach number, and the tail fin deflections.

Aim of this job is the design optimization of a MLG shock absorber hydraulic system in order to guarantee the compliance with the customer performance requirements.

The case study, developed through a close cooperation between Magnaghi Aeronautica and Engin Soft, allowed to evaluate positively the capacities of the software mode FRONTIER.

The impact area on the ground is evaluated both in a deterministic way – which depends on vehicle dimensions and kinetic energy – and in a statistical way – where uncertainties of the navigation parameters (position and velocity) are introduced.

The impact areas are then related to vehicle failure rate and to a real population density map, resulting in a reliable risk evaluation.

Once the relation between the nominal vehicle trajectory and corresponding risk level is defined, a suitable multi-objective optimization process is developed, searching for the optimum solutions that minimize path length and risk, the latter being constrained below a prescribed maximum admissible value.

Eventually, the candidate optimum paths are visualized and evaluated within a virtual console, developed and addressed in terms of a cloud architecture.

Therefore, determination and mitigation of the risk they can represent to people in the event of a ground impact is a key point for the development of UAV regulations in the civil airspace.


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