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A year of unpaid and overdue debt can drastically damage your credit, but with a payday consolidation some programs can be completed within 6-18 months!If quick loan debt is plaguing you and you cannot see yourself paying it off alone then don’t wait another minute call our toll free number or fill out the online application today!

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Our Credit Counselors are third-party certified and ready to assist you in becoming debt free.

Please call us today at According to Pew the following statistics are attributed to payday loan borrowing.

Fill out our online application or call our toll free number to speak with a representative today!

Most two week payday loan interest rates are between 391 and 521 percent which ultimately cost consumers, especially those caught in the borrowing cycle, hundreds of dollars or more each year in fees alone.

Typically your consolidation company will ask about your monthly income and expenses to calculate this figure.3.

How much your consolidation company is able to negotiate on your behalf.Do you get a phone call, email, or letter from your quick loan lender everyday requesting an immediate payment?Are you constantly looking for a way out from under the piles of multiple loans, penalties, and interest you have incurred?A loan consolidation is a process where the borrower hires a company to negotiate their multiple debts directly with the lender to hopefully decrease the amount that he/she must pay back.Typically this takes place with quick loan consolidation companies setting up a savings account in the borrower’s name, the borrower making small monthly payments into that account, and finally the negotiator using the funds to negotiate a settlement.If you have 2 or more outstanding quick loans totaling over 00, you may qualify for Citrus’s debt consolidation program.


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