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Highlight('comment_body_usertext')" class="small Text" href="#comment_form" Name: Jordan Cavanaugh Age: 28Gender: Female Crush: Nigel Townshend Appearance: Face Claim: Jill Hennessy History: Though little is known about Jordan's childhood before her mother's death, flashbacks have revealed that her mother was severely mentally ill.

Season 2, Episode 2September 30, 2002After a deceased woman is identified as the wife of a man (Shashawnee Hall) watched by Federal agents, a hostage situation develops and Jordan races to prevent a bombing.

Season 2, Episode 3October 7, 2002While Jordan investigates a death that seemingly was caused by a heart attack, Macy tries to recall an autopsy he performed three years earlier.

Season 2, Episode 7November 18, 2002Jordan investigates the killing of the lesbian girlfriend of a radio psychologist (Mariel Hemingway); a leukemia victim's daughter tells Macy that her mother was murdered.

Season 2, Episode 8December 2, 2002Jordan accompanies Woody (Jerry O' Connell) to L. to help solve a murder; Macy wonders about an old acquaintance who's looking for his wife; Lily's mother wants to move in with her.

This was revealed to Jordan when she located a small strip of film, which Nigel Townsend managed to clean up and enhance.

They saw Jordan's mother holding a small child, but the film was dated six years before Jordan's birth.Jordan has recurring nightmares of one particular childhood moment as an adult, though she blocks out what was truly happening.She only remembers walking up the stairs when she heard her mother singing, but dream-Jordan turns and heads back down the stairs. The second season ends with Jordan making a grisly discovery linked to her mother's murder and her father's past. Nigel Townshend (Face Claim: Steve Valentine)Detective Woodrow Wilson Hoyt (Face Claim: Jerry O'Connell)Calvin Theodore Hoyt (Face Claim: Charlie O'Connell)Dr. Trey Saunders (Face Claim: Mahershalahashbaz Ali)Maxamillian "Max" Cavanaugh (Face Claim: Ken Howard)Name: Age: Gender: Crush: Appearance: Face Claim: History: Family: Friends: Pet's: Pet's Appearance: Vehicle: Vehicle Appearance: Other: Willa Monday wrote: "\n Dr.Brash, stubborn and resourceful medical examiner Jordan Cavanaugh revives her career in Boston, occasionally breaking the rules and ticking off the cops or her co-workers, including a neurotic boss.


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