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But when the woman playing Marjorie got sick, Kelly was offered her part.'Kerry Orbach whispered in my ear, "Take it, it’s better,"' she told People. He took me under his wing.'Several TV and movie roles later — including in Private Parts and Wonder Boys — she started what is arguably her most beloved role to date: Emily Gilmore on Gilmore Girls.

The now-73-year-old starred on seven seasons of the popular show before coming back for the Netflix revival last year.

He was also honored with a portion of New York City's 53rd Street (near Eighth Avenue) renamed after him as Jerry Orbach Way.

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Dancing with the stars derek hough and maria dating

[On Dirty Dancing] I learned basically one dance over a one-and-a-half month shoot. It's a completely different level of dancing, much more complicated, much more challenging,' she said.

Jennifer also has a husband Clark Gregg, whom she married in 2001, and a 14-year-old daughter named Stella.

He also lent his voice to the animated character Lumière in Beauty and the Beast, continuing to voice the candelabra in videos and games through the '00s.

Though he is a Tony winner and member of the American Theater Hall of Fame, Jerry didn't win a Screen Actors Guild Award (for Law & Order) until after his death in 2004, at the age of 69.

Then, in 1989, Jennifer did something many actresses had done before her: She got a nose job.

Rather than help her career, however, her new nose is often blamed for destroying it.'I went into the ­operating room a ­celebrity and came out anonymous,' she said in 2012. I'll always be this once-famous actress nobody ­recognize because of a nose job.'She did continue to work, though mostly in TV movies and barely-seen films.In a check-up before the show, she found out she had thyroid cancer — but she beat it in time to compete and win with Derek Hough.Cancer aside, she described the show experience as much tougher than learning to dance on the Dirty Dancing set.'This dance experience was so much more difficult.He wasn't the first choice for the role, and was about a decade older than his character — but there was no denying that he and Jennifer Grey had on-screen chemistry.Already married for 12 years to his longtime wife Lisa Niemi (whom he'd known since the pair were teens) when the movie came out, Patrick didn't hit it off with Jennifer off-camera — in fact, the two reportedly disliked each other while filming.In 1976, she won the Tony for Best Supporting or Featured Actress (Musical) for her role as Sheila in A Chorus Line, and she also appeared in several other Tony Award-winning productions.


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