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When it comes to size, a homeowner will have to choose from gutter size (the measurement of the top opening), downspout size (length and width or diameter), and thickness.The most common gutter sizes are 5 inches and 6 inches, although 4 inches is available as well.Remember to breathe and always start your yoga practice with a brief meditation.

“A copper gutter system will only stay shiny for the first month or two,” Milliman says.

“It will turn brown, dark brown, purple, and eventually a greenish color.

Stainless steel, which doesn’t rust, sells for upwards of $20 per linear foot. Copper brings a certain aesthetic to a home’s facade, appealing to property owners looking to customize their home.

“Copper is one of the strongest metals,” says Mike Milliman, a partner with the Rain Trade Corporation.

“It is suitable for any region.” Copper sits at the high-end of the gutter market, selling for anywhere from $12-25 per linear foot.

Homeowners who are interested in a copper gutter system should consider the “patina” aspect of copper, which gradually ages and changes color with exposure to the elements.

Unlike steel, aluminum will not rust over time, and is available in a wide range of colors.

Gutter installers will often quote a price (which includes installation) at a “per linear foot” price; although costs for an aluminum system will vary, homeowners may expect somewhere around -6 per linear foot.gutter systems are usually galvanized, although stainless steel options exist as well.

K-style gutters didn’t emerge as an option until around the 1950s.


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