latinos dating white women - Dating a married catholic

“Fewer people want to alienate their children over intermarriage.” Some of the same challenges remain, however.

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“What is rare is to see children being entirely raised as non-Jews in this case.

It doesn’t matter whether it is the father or the mother is Jewish.

Consider this statistic from the Pew survey: nearly half the Hindus, one-third of the Jews and a quarter of the Buddhists have obtained post-graduate education, compared with only about 1-in-10 of all U. In fact, if you study Jewish culture and Asian American culture, you will find similarities today similar to the European immigrants of the early half of the 20th Century, she says.

“Asian-Americans have an affinity for traditional, ancient religious cultures,” Barack Fishman says.

Rabbi Blecher says that most of the couples he sees are deciding to elect a Jewish identity or a hybrid identity.

“When couples decide on a specific religion, it is more often that of the Jewish partner,” says Rabbi Blecher.They are raising their two sons, ages 11 and 8, as Catholic, although Melissa Simon still considers herself Jewish.“We still light the menorah and make latkes at Hanukkah,” says Melissa Simon, 44.I thought it was better to be Catholic with a Jewish mother, than to be a little of each.” The Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) at Georgetown University recently studied Catholics and marriage.In interviews with 1,000 Catholics of various ages, the group found that 72 percent of married Catholics have a Catholic spouse.Of the 35,000 interviewees, less than 700 were Jews.

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