Dating a really thin guy

During a fortieth birthday celebration at a favorite restaurant, the honoree, Rob, made an announcement to all of us.

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Dating back in college was a horror for an overweight girl.

Guys chose the skinny girls over the fuller-figured ones any day, and getting a date for an event became a nightmare.

Then a miracle appeared in the form of a young, new professor.

She was not stick-thin, but she certainly wasn't "fat." She didn't appear to be unhappy with her body, and she dressed magnificently, accenting her curves and wearing colors I had always been told would not look good on anyone who wasn't "slender." On her they looked great.

He was surprised, but good guy that he is, said that I looked "attractive, just in a different sort of way." Yes, okay.

Still, I wonder ifwould have given me a glance back in college.

Never mind that I was on the Dean's List, never mind that I was the editor of my college newspaper or that I was a published poet, never mind that people complimented my taste in clothes or that I always had a smile on my face.

Forget that I made sure I was always up-to-date on the news so that I could converse on just about any topic. The same young men who asked for my help in Composition and Rhetoric or Advanced Statistics didn't know I existed when they were looking for someone to ask out for Friday night.

They gave me a casual "Hi" as they passed me by on campus or in town on a weekend evening.

They were looking for a hot date and I didn't qualify.

We were thrilled by the news because he is a great guy, good-looking and smart, with a lot to offer.


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