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Tyomi: What questions should a recent divorcee ask his or her physician about maintaining sexual health while dating? Tiffanie: Before entering into any new relationship, knowing your own health status is very important.

Be aware of your STI status and even your fertility status before starting something new.

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Tiffanie Davis Henry, Ph D, MA, LPC, ACST to get her take on how to navigate within the current dating pool.

For the recent divorcee who is looking to get his or her groove back, take a look at the conversation with this highly sought after expert to become aware of and prepared for what it will take to find the right one or the one for right now.

Tyomi Morgan –Divorce can be rough, but for the divorcee that is ready to start anew on a journey towards companionship the dating scene can be pretty intimidating.

After so many years of being in monogamous matrimony one can become unaware of how to approach dating in a new era.

My answer would of been; because I like you and want to be with you. So Im thinking I should send her a "Im hear for you speech", then move on and get over it. For the record Ive dated other girls in the 3 months but shes the one I want to be with. She's not putting any label on it,but just seeing how things go. Not seeing her as much as i like and her kids being a her number one have never been a problem with me.

I also know when some females say Im not ready they really mean - Im ready, just not with you. What makes her so special that you don't think you can find the same with someone else? She's very kind and sweet and I know when I'm not with her I miss her.

You may find that it feels really nice to sit back, relax and let someone else worry about all the little details.

Tyomi: How can one looking for a serious relationships avoid the traps of the hook–up culture? Tiffanie: Be upfront and clear about your intentions – while you don’t want to scare someone off by talking about long-term commitment and kids on the first date, it’s not unreasonable to let your date know that you aren’t into having sex on the first date or that companionship is more important to you than a physical relationship, if that’s the case.

Shut down anyone who sends you a picture of their genitals – If someone thinks so little of you to send you a penis pic or a video exposing their most intimate moments, they are, in a sense, letting you know that nothing is off limits and they want to hook-up.


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