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There are gender and distance filters, but not one for age, though the app does list your age.

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The app has potential; it just needs more users to be a good place for pot smokers to meet. In addition to being totally buggy, it looks archaic and is about as user-friendly as a PC from 1995.

You need to manually handle the search engine every time you open the app, and I never had a very long window to effectively or successfully make any connections.

Cannabis-friendly dating apps like 420 Singles, High There, and My 420Mate, weed out any second-guessing.

It’s a pool for the like-minded; there is no “on the DL.” Of those three, the most user-friendly and straight up equivalent of Tinder is 420 Singles.

Colorado and Washington paved the way, and as more adult use legislation passes across the country, cannabis-friendly dating may not be as needed.

It is nice, however, to have a place where like-minds collide and the question shifts from “Do you smoke cannabis?However, just when you think people would take advantage of the freedom in their profile description, most guys write things like “Let’s party” and hold up a bag of flower with a grin, while others don’t write anything, instead uploading a photo of themselves at their laptop with a poster of Bob Marley in the background.I searched through for weeks and found the profiles to be somewhat boring, often just one bad photo of dank nugs or a smoking blunt.Whether I was in a bustling part of town or in a smaller suburban area doing a new geographical search (30 miles was my choice setting), there were at most 15 users online.I have yet to make a connection with someone I wanted to meet in real life.It could use a cleaner, modern look, especially since cannabis subculture is changing with legalization.


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