Dating advice 4 secrets to a spectacular relationship

That can be difficult for some men—and women—to accept, but if it’s your reality, there are several ways you can make the situation work for your marriage.Start by taking a deep breath, sitting down together, and closely examining where you’re at, especially if your husband is in between jobs. For example, “We are a team, and right now, I am helping us thrive. And we will continue to support one other.”Matt Coppolecchia, 38, and his wife of 10 years, Andrea, run, bike, and compete in races together. “The fact that she understands how much time I need to dedicate to training for Ironmans makes it easier for me to hit my goals.” You may not be into crawling over coals during a Spartan race, but if that’s something your husband can fit in without sacrificing too much time with you and the kids, it’s worth encouraging him.A Brigham Young University study found that couples reported lower marital satisfaction when one spouse's gaming interfered with routines.

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Everyone bickers, whether it’s over leaving a gob of toothpaste in the sink every damn day or an ongoing conflict with your in-laws.

And although it can be uncomfortable, it’s important to feel your feelings and voice your opinions, even if it comes off as confrontational.

That’s because men view chores as a way to help out, whereas women tend to consider them as part of a second shift, says Leah Klungness, Ph. “From his perspective, the dishes either got washed or not—he’s not keeping score, and it simply doesn't register as important.” Because sharing domestic duties generally signals that you're in a respectful partnership, Andrea Syrtash, author of suggests focusing more on supporting your husband and less on an even split.

“Happy couples are there for one another, so if one of you has a rough week, taking over garbage duty is a good reminder that you’re on the same team.”If you think scheduling sex will make it as boring as crossing something off your to-do list, think again.

According to a study by a Baylor University psychologist, getting defensive and red-faced during a substantial argument isn’t always a bad thing, because it can prompt a bigger, more satisfying resolution. If your husband prefers some alone time to think before attacking an issue, it’s important to give it to him—even if it makes you a little uncomfortable.

And to make sure things don’t get ugly, decide on a safe word that, when called out, requires both of you to take a moment to cool off.

They’ve spent time together while also enjoying quality time with their children, which Wyatt has shared on Instagram: We don’t know what the future of their relationship will hold as romantic partners, but we hope they will continue to be peaceful and happy co-parents for the sake of their large brood.

As for Keke, if she so chooses to move on and already has, we’re not mad at her.

Researchers found that in states where 20 percent more people were on Facebook, the divorce rate was about 2 percent higher, even when adjusted for other variables like age, race, and employment status.


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