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And now, two decades later, we may finally find out if the two ever walked down the aisle.

Speaking with THR (with that signature Bobby Briggs laughter bubbling under every word), here's what he had to say about that Laura Palmer comeback, Bobby's new gig, the way the Twin Peaks revival is honoring the many actors from the original series who have since passed away, and more.

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He showed up at one point wearing a 1942 flying outfit or something like that.

The scene marks the return of the iconic "Laura Palmer's Theme," reaching soaring heights as Bobby's waterworks begin to flow.

Bobby steps into the room and immediately wells up with tears as soon as he sees a photo of Laura, confronting this ghost from the past for the first time in years.

I was so happy to be around all of those people and having so much fun watching everybody do their thing.

(Laughs.) I wanted to make sure that I didn't fk it up!

Twenty-five years ago, and all the sudden this guy sees the picture of that?

Donc, une semaine plus tard, le 24 Novembre 2012, nous nous sommes rencontrés pour la première fois et nous sommes allés patiner et puis après nous avons pris un verre.

C'était fantastique nous étions trop bien ensemble, toute la soirée nous avons beaucoup ri et bavardé. Cela fait maintenant plus de 2 mois que nous sommes ensemble.

Je n'aurais jamais pensé que je pourrais un jour rencontrer une femme si incroyablement, drôle, spirituelle, douce, attentionnée, aimante, et en plus je l’ai trouvé sur un site de rencontres!

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