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And so it continued until we each had three loads in our arse.(Of course I would have LOVED getting all six loads myself, but it was also VERY hot to share the breeding experience with another BBottom!Of course this was just part of the hysteria in the early 80's.

I haven't seen it in any of the adult bookstores here in Minneapolis, but then again we are between both coasts. Now, to be sure, recently I've been servicing a more mature clientele, so I don't expect the raging steel rods of 20-somethings every time. If you're 18 and a virgin, maybe, but how hard can it be to locate the hole with your finger, line the tip of your cock up with your fingertip, and slide it in?

So let's share and discuss your ideas on popper usage and anything else popper related. I'm definitely not judging; I've been blessed in that at 50 years old I can still get it up, which is, when you think about it, actually wasted on a total bottom. Yet over and over again, I get these guys jabbing me repeatedly over or under the target. What do I need to do, get a target tattoo around my anus?

Before you know it, there won't be any need for wishful thinking.

It’s so sad when I see people right on zoom how they’re waiting for their boyfriend to leave so they cheat on him.

I'll make sure of that.) I absolutely don't mean to sound ungrateful.

I'm grateful for every single cock that even tries to fuck my tight hole, and I'm willing to take responsibility for possibility that I might be part of the problem - my ass has always been particularly tight, and I don't do a lot of stretching.

Each of us was now serving three cocks each - and once we got used to the double-fucking it was quite clear that we both LOVED taking so much raw cock at the same time! When we got our first loads I locked eyes with the other bottom and it was clear he was just as ecstatic as me to be bred!

There was a bit of witching around of cocks so all of the tops got to have a go at the double-fucking, though I'm not sure all of them tried double-fucking each arse; I was beginning to lose track of who was fucking what hole at that point and just enjoyed being used and hearing the moans and groans of the other bottom. Eventually the double-fucking stopped and the two of us where directed up in doggy position side by side and we were ordered to finger each other's arses to feel how open our fuckholes had gotten... And after each dump the cock would move to the mouth of the opposite bottom to be sucked clean!

I guess it's possible that the result has been that I've made the door to paradise a little hard to get into. But I do know that some damn huge visitors have pushed their way in like a rhinoceros walking through a Japanese rice paper door (and left nice presents). So explain to me why some Tops try to do it anyway. The thing is, I know that it's no good asking all you Tops to tell me what I need to do, because the answer is going to be different for every single Top. Just know that it's okay if the plumbing doesn't work right then.


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