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If you want to enjoy your holidays this season, be sure to: 1) take action in your own life, 2) count your blessings, and 3) keep a record of whatʼs going right.

Bad experiences are unavoidable and occur about 20 percent of the time.

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Dating dating donts dos guide guy lds

One of the best ways to combat depression, anxiety, shyness, or loneliness during the holidays is to think of others and to invest in making them feel great in some small way, whether through service, inviting them to do something with you, or just listening intently and expressing your love.

Doing this can make a huge impact on your holidays especially if you also guard yourself against the temptation to compare your life to others.

Finding a Mormon to Date Learning LDS Guidelines Respecting Someone Who is Mormon Community Q&A Don't worry if you're unsure about how to date someone who's Mormon.

Having questions about someone's religion and beliefs is completely normal.

When they respond or offer help in any way, introduce yourself, ask their name, and then say, “Thank you. Iʼd love to do something sometime.”These may seem like simple techniques that many people use, but that's exactly why they deserve to be repeated now.

Those who do these things tend to stand out, make a stronger impression, and feel more at ease in almost any environment.

Unfortunately, itʼs common for people to give their negative experiences 80 percent of the attention.

If you do this you will become convinced that there is little good occurring in your life, which is not true.

They stand out not because theyʼre so great, but because these techniques make others feel great.

Additionally, focusing on others and making them feel good is a wonderful way to combat anxiety or shyness.

Once these are completed you may leave, but if you are having a blast, try to stay another hour and do a few more. If someone offers to open a door, take your coat, or do something kind, say, “That would be great. Thatʼs so kind of you” “Iʼm impressed."When someone starts a conversation, respond warmly, and be sure to ask questions of them. ”Start conversations that make others feel comfortable, appreciated, or helpful, even if they're in a small group.

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