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To get a true period feel, Old fashioned Christmas tree decorations WITHOUT the type of Christmas tree used during the era, would look like Victorian ornamentation on a ranch house.

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I also believe in keeping the Christmas season alive until February 2nd (Candlemas day).

Just because the stores in the mall take down their decorations at New Years I refuse to feel intimidated by them or the majority of the population cleaning up early.

Well I would say during the 1980’s or so, the public began to prefer fuller trees.

To satisfy this request the Christmas tree growers started to shear their trees in the summer to make them grow fuller.

Most people would never buy this tree nor understand how it needs to be decorated.

(sounds like a lot of old house owners) For those who want an old fashioned christmas tree, there are other options.They were very skimpy with giant spaces between the branches. They are what some now refer to as a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.This is how the trees were naturally and that is what was available for sale.There are not any newer ornaments or decorations to disrupt the harmony.The original cardboard boxes are so fragile as are the ornaments.Today there are many varieties of Christmas trees including the original old fashioned Balsam.

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