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Workers are sent each year on a “familiarization trip,” a two- or three-week venture to check out where their clients travel.

The company also hosts yoga classes at the office and outings to new museums in San Francisco. The Trade Desk (Ventura, California) The Trade Desk is an advertising technology firm based in Ventura, California.

The 80-plus employees can work out in the newly remodeled office gym that hosts yoga, Cross Fit, Zumba, and mediation classes throughout the week. The Frontier Project (Richmond, Virginia) This Virginia consulting firm helps other companies rebrand and reinvent themselves from within.

The Frontier Project believes it must stay true to the business practices it teaches and tries to treat its own employees well.

A “culture wall” is where employees show other employees who they are outside of the office.

The firm also has a slight competitive edge with quarterly financial goals, but when the company hits the goal, employees are treated to a spa day or a mixology class and dinner. Pellucid Analytics (Boulder, Colorado) The founders of Pellucid Analytics aim to turn the nonstop-work reputation of Wall Street investment firms on its head.

The Utah office lets dogs roam the workplace and provides ski passes, health benefits, and flexible office hours. Evoke at Entrada (Santa Clara, Utah) This Utah-based wilderness therapy institute leads groups of clients into the outdoors for overnight, therapeutic adventures.

The company tries to keep the ratio at one person to two clients while in the field in an attempt to stave off workload burnout.

The offices are sprawled around the central collaborative space that doubles as a wet bar every Thursday when the company’s “beer club” brings in a new brew. Southwest Michigan First (Kalamazoo, Michigan) It’s family first at this Michigan economic development advising agency.

CEO Ron Kitchens says that in the past year, the company has made a push to go green—an initiative pushed by the millennial employees who make up half the agency’s workforce. Paul, Minnesota) Ergodyne’s website jokes that the company was born in a small cabin in the Minnesotan woods and was conceived from “a little bit of guts and a pair of brass cojones.” The St. To create cool, comfortable, and tough safety workwear for those who need it to get the job done.

The 25-person company also hosts a regular TED Talk Tuesday: employees get together and watch a TED Talk, then talk about it together. Development Counsellors International (New York, New York) Economic development and tourism is the focus of this integrated marketing agency.

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