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Three major rivers meet within Ottawa, making it an important trade and travel area for thousands of years.Many missionaries would later follow the early explorers and traders.The canal's military purpose was to provide a secure route between Montreal and Kingston on Lake Ontario, bypassing a particularly vulnerable stretch of the St.

Of all provinces and territories, Ontario has the greatest number of National Historic Sites, and the largest number under Parks Canada administration, with a dense concentration in southern Ontario.

The five largest clusters are listed separately: There are related federal designations for National Historic Events and National Historic Persons.

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Local populations used the area for wild edible harvesting, hunting, fishing, trade, travel, and camps for over 6500 years.

The Ottawa river valley has archaeological sites with arrow heads, pottery, and stone tools.

Colonel By set up military barracks on the site of today's Parliament Hill.

He also laid out the streets of the town and created two distinct neighbourhoods named "Upper Town" west of the canal and "Lower Town" east of the canal.

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