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To disambiguate the two cities, Chinese persons referred to Vancouver as Xianshui Erbu, which means "the Second Port on Brackish Water".

This name was used in place of Erbu and continues to be used as of 2007.

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The legacy of Chinese immigration is prevalent throughout the Vancouver area.

Chinese Canadians have been a presence in Vancouver since its 1886 incorporation.

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Discriminatory actions against Chinese occurred early in the city's history, including mob violence, newspaper articles asking for preventing Chinese from living in Vancouver, and post-Great Vancouver Fire street resolutions asking for preventing the return of the Chinese.

The practice of contractors hiring labour crews of only one race had caused the wage disparity between whites and Chinese, and according to Paul Yee, author of Saltwater City: Story of Vancouver's Chinese Community, the lower pay of the Chinese workers was the "classic explanation" for anti-Chinese sentiment among whites.

Shifts in the economy of smaller towns in British Columbia and immigration caused the size of Vancouver's ethnic Chinese community to increase.

Like those of other areas of North America, Vancouver's initial Chinese population was mainly from Guangdong province.

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