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Your date may end up having a lot more questions than they may have done before.They’re not going to know the extent to which your disability affects you, or understand much about it.Disability and dating Dating with a disability naturally comes with added complications anyway.

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You can manipulate photos, tell fantastic stories to impress people and just outright lie.

But with Facebook and other social media sites, that doesn’t stop someone from searching online to make sure you’re not a raving lunatic who runs down the street naked in their mother’s pink, flowerily dressing gown.

Would that be classed as lying to the person if you didn’t mention it until then?

If, for example, you turned up to your first date in a wheelchair, your date is likely to be surprised – and possibly annoyed – after it not having been mentioned while chatting online.

Disability Horizons reader Simon Sansome, who met his wife online, debates the question.

The new year is well under way and with each new year comes a number of rituals.

From a person who has been on the dating scene and met his wife through a dating website, I would suggest you don’t lie about your disability.

If the person your dating can’t see past the disability and see the person you really are, then they’re not the right person for you.

” When asked by strangers, I usually tell them I was half eaten by a shark in Mexico, just to scare the shit out of them so they never go in the sea again.

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