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For chivalry to truly be awakened we need, as parents, to teach and encourage this gallantry.

I’m also hoping that other random Sir Lancelots or Mr.

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Fun steampunk-themed game with several nicely balanced mechanics that keep play interesting.

"The interplay between players is really sharp, cases some strategy decisions on what cards you hold and what cards you throw away, which cards you play and when, which makes it a really fun strategy game but one's that accessible," says Lowder. Between Two Cities (1-7 players, ages 8 & up) Players are city planners trying to redesign two cities.

Darcys we might encounter in the street will show the way to being the perfect gentleman.

And in return, I’m teaching my daughter to accept any chivalrous deeds gracefully for the acts of kindness they are.

(With age, my hips seem to be getting wider so my heels are getting higher, and schlepping around the city all day is no easy feat.) Giving up a seat for a woman, or for someone in need, is a generous gesture that I’d like my sons to make for me, so why shouldn’t they do it for others?

I’m trying to teach them to think about what I might appreciate, and because they’re not quite teens, I’m hoping that they’ll care.

A flash of a memory brought me crashing back down to earth: I remembered a recent cringe-worthy moment when my tired 10-year-old complained loudly about getting up for an elderly lady on the subway after basketball practice.

It might seem a bit old school in a modern society where we constantly fight for equality between the sexes, but I wouldn’t feel weak or any less equal if a man offered me his seat; instead I’d feel touched by a considerate action and physically relieved.

One night I arrived home with my 8-year-old son — our arms full of groceries — when he opened the door with his chin and proclaimed “ladies first.” As I walked in front of him I wanted to gobble him up then and there.

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