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This philosophically makes the tremendous breakthrough against tumor barriers spearheaded by aldoxorubicin much more pleasing to observe.

As the company stated in the press release, the primary endpoints are three cohorts of PFS.

A lot of the literature refers to effects of this common global phenomenon as a difference in standard of care, such as reported here and here.

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It also met the primary endpoint for PFS in the North America plus Australia cohort in all types of STS, a whopping 312 patients.

It's very interesting that the data reached statistical significance against the physician's choice in areas of the world where the standard of care is best, before it will meet statistical significance in the rest of the locations upon maturity, and that's a lesson to us all.

I want to admit that I really enjoy the articles that adversaries submit.

If we all agreed on all points in life, there would be fewer frontiers of discovery broken in science.

For ease in referring to the statistically significant data approaching maturity, the table posted in the press release is shown below.

PFS, DCR and ORR data are summarized in the following table: Briefly, CYTR already met primary endpoints for the most two common types of STS, 246 patients, in terms of statistical significance.

Primary endpoints data: Three PFS cohorts required by FDA.

Secondary endpoints and safety data: The four measures.

In fact, if companies do not adhere to this, there are very meticulous whistle blowers, geniuses for detail and as sincere as they are brilliant, who will lead no less than 30 law firms per week against a company for doing that, such as was the case this summer with Immunomedics (NASDAQ: IMMU) which you can read about here.

I don't know about you, but I don't want to mess with any attorneys, nor am I taking that bait!

But as already explained, it's simply still maturing.

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