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Heather was understandably hurt about being lied to, and the rest of the housemates' reactions ranged from surprised to disgusted.

One castmate, Mike Ross, even felt that Dustin should leave the house.

Dustin had worked in the porn industry, appearing on a show called where young men engaged in sex acts with themselves and each other.

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Later, Nany said that she believed it was impossible for men to be bisexual but that all women were innately “bicurious.” This damaging notion that male/male sex is somehow gross, while female/female sex is alluring, is both hurtful and out of date.

I can understand why Dustin, who says that he is straight and that he was “gay for pay” in his porn career, would have been uncomfortable discussing his sexuality with castmates who had such absurd notions about sexual identity.

In public, some people would act “aggressively” toward him, even grabbing his crotch, and he feared Bunim-Murray would cast someone like that who would not only recognize him, but would act inappropriately.

It is, of course, possible to read that response as homophobic, but after talking to Dustin, I’m pretty convinced he’s not, but that between the judgement he gets when people learn he had gay sex and bad experiences with some gay people, he has a bad sample set from which to draw conclusions.

In an episode where one roommate got kicked out, Dustin said that he hoped the replacement cast member wouldn't be a gay man and said that gay men go around sniffing other men's underwear.

While it's up to Dustin to determine where he falls on the sexuality spectrum, it's troubling that a way of asserting his self-identified heterosexuality is by insulting or making hurtful statements about homosexuals.

However, he and Heather apparently didn't talk about their sexual histories before hooking up.

In one episode, Heather stated that she would never want to be with a man who had had sex with other men.

(The show is normally taped and edited several months before it airs.) Almost as soon as the season started, the roommates began to pair off.

Dustin immediately started dating fellow cast member Heather Marter.

Also in The Daily Beast story, Fratpad and Fratmen’s producer, John Marsh, explains why he tried to get images of Dustin’s anal sex scene removed from web sites.

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