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Next, Kelly states that the acceptance of ambiguity seemingly offers flexibility when it actually just creates a misinterpretation that the hookup culture may be a lot more prevalent than it actually is.

When using the term “hooking up,” it could mean anything from making out to full-blown sex.

With all of this being said, I can contently argue in favor of the hookup culture being considered sexist.

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There are certain “guidelines” that both men and women are expected to follow. Women are expected to act nice and bow down to men.

If either men or women don’tabide by these expectations, it is like they are breaking social codes.

These ideals promote the objectification of women as sexual objects.

If a man hooks up with a woman with the intention of just using her for his sexual desires, but has no motive to exchange pleasure, the objectification of that woman would make the entire hook up unfair for the female.

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Kelly says the ambiguity of the term can be perceived as a benefit because women don’t have to reveal any details about the encounter that might damage their reputation, and men can exaggerate the encounter if they want to sustain or improve their reputation, which can sometimes lead to negative outcomes.

Thirdly, Kelly says that since hookup culture is closely linked to the party scene, alcohol is considered the key component of most hookups in college.

However, if we are going to let hookup culture be a norm, the least we could do is allow women the benefit of not feeling disadvantaged or shamed by participating in it. Don’t you think it is time to let women own their sexuality just like men do?

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