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But the explosive subject is, of course, West Indian marriage - or, rather, non-marriage.

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And, if there is a dowry, young women who work can chip in.

They may then demand some control over what happens to it.

About 45 per cent of all people from ethnic minority groups live in London, and one Londoner in five belongs to an ethnic minority.

Yet Britain as a whole remains very white indeed; there is nothing "multicultural" about it.

All are having to come to terms with a dominant white society, each in their own way. Among Indians, for example, the traditional marriage rules are being re-jigged.

In Britain, two out of three Indian women work: the same proportion as white women.

(By contrast, only one Bangladeshi woman in 10 works, and only one in five of Pakistani women.) So the old Indian idea of a dowry is changing.

It is now important to find a bride who can bring earning power with her, not just a cash lump-sum.

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  1. "This is just not in their character," Compton said.

  2. A whopping 44 percent of respondents who tried online dating said the experience led to a serious long-term relationship or marriage.

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