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At that point, if the entrepreneur still wants to expand but prefers not to operate additional stores himself or herself, he or she may decide to “franchise” the store name and business system to an independent business person known as a franchisee.

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We are proud to be founder members of the AFA and are happy to work with them to promote, stronger regulation, higher standards across the industry and safe and ethical franchising for all.

Your training will be comprehensive, ongoing and individually tailored to your needs.

You would have the opportunity to secure your financial future by building a profitable and successful business as a local dating expert, within your preferred locality.

Imagine a store owned by an individual with a particular concept.

If the business is successful, the owner may develop a second or third store and hire employees for the day-to-day operations.Unhindered opportunity for all Americans is essential to our economic and political well-being.To retain leadership in bringing new products and services to the marketplace both in the U. and abroad, franchise systems continue to provide the widest possible entrepreneurial opportunities for everyone.The International Franchise Association has over 1,400 franchisor members, representing 100 unique business categories, listed on our site.If you are considering whether or not to go into business for yourself, but not by yourself, we are confident that you will find a number of franchise systems that might be a good fit for you.Franchising means being in business for yourself but not by yourself.

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