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To the infant, the breast is a non-sexual organ, on which he depends for sustenance and solace.

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Aram made it hard for viewers to make head or tail of porno mom’s NBC disquisition on “attachment parenting.” “Buddy,” as mom referred to Aram, kvetched a lot (as any half-decent parent could have predicted).

Yes, America’s Model Mom is a boob of very little brain, to quote Winnie the Pooh. Grumet intoned affectatiously, as the gnome’s self-whining reached a crescendo.

Time’s cover-models are Jamie Lynne Grumet, 26, self-styled, “attachment” parent, and Aram, her chunky, garden gnome of a child.

(And “hollow-elite,” also a Murray moniker, fits Time Managing Editor Rick Stengel.

Viewers of this uniquely American vaudeville were assured by Mrs.

Grumet that her relationship with her husband was “very, very important” to her.

Mandela, that paragon of virtue, has never raised his authoritative voice against the pogroms that have seen thousands of white South Africans murdered and mutilated by blacks.) In any event, Aram is a real feeder, if you know what I mean. To help Aram get at the prized pair – mom’s perky breasts – Time’s artistic director has used a stool.

All the better to satisfy mom’s “maternal” urges, “Nudge nudge, wink wink.

My daughter would play with a lock of my hair, or stop feeding to crack a smile. But when she emphatically rejected this unarguably suffocating closeness, I let go.


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