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so i asked “did you WANT your kid’s ass kicked in preschool?” and he answers “well, they can always call him Niles”. Reply The name Ocean is not that bad, I have a friend she is French canadién and her daughter’s names are : Océane (in French it’s said very softly like.

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I haven’t quite perfected the “Ohhh, I haven’t heard that name before. ” Reply Just saw someone on FB say they will be naming their baby Cayson.

Not sure how they came up with it, but several historically bad mocking names popped into my head. I entertain kids for a living, and I feel so sorry for some of them, with the stupid names they’ve been christened with. I try to announce the birthday child at a party and I can’t pronounce the name, and I don’t know the sex of the child.

You’re probably right at that stage where kids start hating their parents — and that’s good, because yours deserve to be hated. Unless you’ve been in a coma for the last 10 years, you know that the trend of saddling kids with outlandishly nonsensical combinations of random syllables has been getting worse and worse.

Everyone knows there’s long been sort of been an under-the-breath joke about black families getting, er, creative about the pronounciations and spellings of some of their children’s names (our friend at goes into much better detail than we, as honkeys, are allowed to) — but the truth is, white people are the equal of black-folk at giving their kids some seriously fucked-up names. Some anthropology grad student will probably chime in with a comment in a couple of months, but until then, let’s have fun speculating.

Sure, cute little girls should have cute names, but Fairy? They get a happy look on their face as if they are proud and then inform me that their child’s name is spelled Nataly, Natalye, (the worst yet) Nytyly. Oeana Giganta, who i worked with years ago and was bigger than my husband who was a 300 lbs 6’4″ Linebacker Reply @Liz — I feel deeply for you.

I couldn’t imagine having to stutter through some of the shit that you must, as I have the luxury of taking hours to research the pronunciation. What if they had been born on a hot, muggy Alabama morning. I think Giganta is only appropriate if the child is born in excess of 15 pounds and/or 36 inches long.

O-say-anne) she also has a daughter named Made but in French her nick name is pronounced (ja-dou-ee).

Reply Here are a few I’ve heard recently – Abcde (Absedee), A-le (Adashlee), Cyndal, brothers Trafford and Stretford, Talis and Torin.

That means a lot coming from someone who can’t put together a legitimate sentence. i met a guy (who did waaaay too many drugs) who literally named his son Annhilation.

i didn’t believe him, so i had him bring in his son’s birth certificate.

We love fan mail and hate mail both, and will probably reproduce it all with smarmy accompanying comments with the hate mail. Your Doting Site Founder, Johnny Dongle Ok, here are a few that my coworkers and I have seen. More to come Reply I have a friend that teaches elementary and she swears there is a little girl in her class whose middle name is Lesassymonkie.

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