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Minneapolis was the only city in the world that was under Trotskyist leadership — where, as one reporter put it a few years ago, being a Trotskyist was a career advancement opportunity.

My father had graduated from the University of Minnesota business school with an MBA in 1929 and hoped to become a millionaire in Latin American mining. English In the kingdom of blind men, the one-eyed is king.

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These traditional Italian beef meatballs were soaked in just the right amount of marinara sauce and sprinkled with Parmesan, and were moist, flavourful and absolutely delicious.

We were then treated to the Chicken and Chorizo Rigatoni (), a mildly spicy, creamy tomato base pasta with chunks of chorizo.

Crispy on the outside, moist and cheesy inside, we thought these were a great way to whet the appetite.

Next up were the Italian Meatballs (), which, for someone who doesn’t eat pork, was a truly welcome addition.

So here, as in statist Russia, prisons were indeed the University of the Revolution. Danish Adversity comes with instruction in its hand. Spanish He who will not take advice gets knowledge when trouble overtakes him. French Affectation is a greater enemy to the face than small-pox. Turkish An amiable person is never good-for-nothing. Chinese The ugliest things are a poor braggart and a rich thief. Italian Everyone gives himself credit for more brains than he has. It is not the burden, but the over-burden, that kills the beast. Italian To burn one’s house to get rid of the mice. Arabic It is well worth while letting oneself be cheated sometime. Sudanic The sucking child says, “Mother is the best cook.” (i.e.

My father said that his year in jail was the happiest year of his life. Kaffir Advice given in the midst of a crowd is loathsome. German Good advice is no better than bad advice unless it is taken at the right time. Failing to obtain a lovely woman, affection is lavished on animals. German Who lives by the altar must serve the altar. Sudanic He that boasts of his ancestors confesses he has no virtue of his own. Italian A young branch takes on all the bends that one gives it. Spanish A heavy burden does not kill on the day it is carried. English He who has burnt his mouth with milk blows on ice cream. don’t express preference without trying an alternative.) Bantu A child that asks questions is not stupid.

These proverbs were collected by my father, Carlos Hudson, during the time he was jailed under the Smith Act in 1941, ostensibly for “Advocating the overthrow of the government by force and violence,” It was called the “gag act” because it put a gag on what one could read or say.

Guilt was determined by whether one had the works of Lenin and Trotsky on one’s bookshelf.

District: Wan Chai, Hong Kong Cuisine: Italian Comfort Food How Much: Set lunch menu for , a la carte ranges from 0 to 0 Best for: Lunch, dinner, drink with friends Must order: In Love With The Coco and Chicken and Chorizo Rigatoni There’s no better find than a cool, quiet place tucked off a busy street, and Three Blind Mice is just that ().

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