Gain and jo kwon dating for real

Unlike other dramas that are so hung up on trying to be "unique" and "deep" that the writers resort to faux symbolisms in the hopes of bringing more depth, meaning, and value to the story.

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I am currently re-watching it and there is just something about the plot and chemistry between the characters that makes it very exciting. They really are able to sell a believable story that I love.

Many dramas use these weird crazy fantasy elements to make it exciting but this down to Earth story really excites me. No fantasy elements, no faux symbolisms, no crazy and confusing plot twists/holes, and no pretentious writing here.. I am expecting more film that Lee sung kyung and Nam joo Hyuk will work together their chemistry is really different among others actors, this drama is so pure, honest, simple, and not the least bit pretentious in any way.

Later, Kim Bok-Joo cleans and irons the handkerchief.

She goes to the school's swimming pool and gives back his handkerchief, but he explodes with anger when he sees that she cleaned it.

It took awhile before I started watching another drama because I still can't over this even up to now. I loved her cuteness as Kim Bok Joo and decided to watch all the series she was in and guess what I've become a big fan! A feat that some dramas could not barely achieve even if they have pulled out all the stops and used up all their hype generating gimmicks. Bok joo character is so cute funny and i love everything about her..young is love❤❤ hahaha he is really the sweetest bf ever.caring and sweet.. I dont know whether she in real life or the character annoys me. The plot doesn't exactly push any boundaries but it is so well executed and grounded on reality.

I've only watched the most popular ones and tbh WFKBJ is still on top of my list. I'm so impressed with her acting skills, very versatile. Scratch beneath the surface of this drama and you'll see that there is depth in simplicity ❤️ I can believe that i didnt know about this drama!! bok joo and joon young its too sweet to handle..i smiling like idiot!!! Calling the drama overrated won't change the fact that a lot of people LOVED it. The pacing and cohesiveness are constantly well done and (almost) every plot line gets a satisfying resolution.I've watched a lot of Kdramas and I can say that I still have'nt moved on with this one. ilove all the casts here I respect the opinions of those who think this drama is not good. This just goes to show that you could take a story so simple, realistic, and honest then turn it into a quality drama which is entertaining and full of lessons at the same time. ❤️ Best drama ever for me,it's realistic,simple and memorable.. It tells you a story about a young adult's life as it truly is. Can’t stand the character of Kim Bok Joo in this movie.I am so hooked with this drama that I always watch 2-4 episodes a day just because I miss them. it's driving me crazy like "urgh" i won't forget this anymore? i will missed all the episodes especially the funny moments? But saying that this is the only Kdrama we've watched that's why we think it's one of the best? No faux symbolisms and no unecessary twists just to assert that it's a "fresh" concept. and the ending..i was alternately crying and giggling. Unsure if the director says “act cute” and “act dumb” but there were too much lip pouting & eye blinking. I actually mistook Kim Bok Joo for suffering from mild mental retardation in the first few episodes.Kim Bok-Joo then falls into the swimming pool and Jung Joon-Hyung jumps into the pool to save her.At that moment, Kim Bok-Joo and Jung Joon-Hyung realize where they have seen each other before.Story/Plot - 7/10; Characters - 11/10; Acting - 10/10; Music - 8/10; Overall entertainment = 12/10!


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