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The only difference is that people who’ve had other relationships have the experience to guide them through the rough patches.

That first relationship can be tricky because you’re basically groping in the dark.

A lot of people will tell you “never go to bed angry”, which isn’t necessarily helpful.

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Nerd Love, both here and at Kotaku start off the same way: “I’ve never had a girlfriend”.

Many my readers have a lot of anxiety over finding their first relationship.

you name it, I’ve heard from someone being afraid of getting tricked into it.

people out there who prey on the inexperience of their partners in order to manipulate and control them.

(And don’t get me started on the people who get engaged within three to six months of dating…) Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying the rush is bad. Up until this point, everything has been smooth sailing where the harshest disagreement you’ve had is “who is more schmoopy”.

And then one of you says something wrong over take out Pad-Thai and suddenly there’s yelling and there’s crying and with which you fight also isn’t automatically an indication of a problem at the core of your relationship; some couples tend to be incredibly passionate and fights may result from those passions colliding.

A lot of people who write to me with concerns about having never had a relationship before worry about getting caught up in a toxic relationship.

They worry that there’s some man or woman out there who’s going to take advantage of their naiveté and lack of experience (and presumably greater desire to date) against them. Other times it’s a fear that they’re going to get suckered into a relationship that they don’t want or aren’t ready for yet – marriage, children, monogamy, polyamorous…

It’s one thing to stand up for yourself and advocate for your own interests.


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