Hope wilson dating emmit smith

Patricia has a daughter named Jasmine from her previous relationship to comedian Martin Lawrence.

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I think oftentimes, you feel like the system is not for [fathers]. Because once we get into a courtroom, oftentimes we feel like we have the responsibility and the capabilities of taking care of a young woman.” Emmitt went on to talk about his efforts to establish a working relationship with his daughter after being granted co-parenting rights by the courts, telling Bishop Jakes that it was a challenge at first.

“[There] was something that I learned through life and through sports — perseverance.

The former beauty queen from Chesapeake, Virginia is a James Madison University journalism graduate who won the Miss Virginia USA crown in late 1993.

Representing Virginia in the Miss USA 1994 pageant, Southall placed first runner-up to Lu Parker of South Carolina.

Dumas was acquitted.) Meanwhile, Smith has gone back to court to enforce previously ordered visitation rights to his daughter.

The Accidental Radio Show How Glenn Mitchell created his popular Friday afternoon Q&A show.I was determined to be in her life.” Rheagen is Emmitt’s daughter with ex-girlfriend Hope Wilson.The former NFL player also has two kids, Emmitt IV and Skylar, with wife Patricia Southall. It's been a long time since we ended our relationship, and looking back, it was for the best. Dallas Cowboy Emmitt Smith’s daughter Rhea-gen, who is 18 months old, has become the foot ball in a lawsuit filed by her mother, Smith’s former girlfriend.Friedman has demanded a jury trial to determine whether the two were married.

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