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A friend of mine made an account with my information, without my knowledge or consent.


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We paid for life time permanant listings to find out after 1year they had all beeen removed i have emailed them directly through there contact website page and totaly ingnored serveral times, WARNING to any one thinking of using them they are a scam website look at the top of the browser they dont even have a secure website use them loose your money like us . And beware, if you sign up for a "one day" subscription, you may find yourself getting recurring charges.

Speaking of which, they make deleting your account next to impossible.

Last time I was this PLEASED with a dating site was when I used (met my ex on it and am NOT going back in case I see her there lol). I have already paid and am not going to lie and say I have a crush on someone. To get a full access, you have to build the access a bit at this time by adding more and more and more money. I went for match because its the ads are over the TV and subway but im not really getting anywhere yet.

I'd recommend to any1 (especially guys) that are looking for a site you can TRUST. Maybe I should have gone for both but I hoped id only need one membership, maybe in hindsight that was a bit lazy.

When I complained to Hotor Not support, they said Sorry Charlie, you already paid, used some of the credits, we won't refund you, we won't credit you back he coins, and heck we won't fix the city to be correct, they didn't actually say all those words, just 'sorry charlie'.

I called my credit card company to complain to get my money back.

somehow my card was added to my profile without my knowledge....

I want my back but they don't give refunds This site entraps new users to sign up and immediately asks them to upload their photos, which it immediately publishes online without even telling them.

You can't delete your account because in order to do that, you first have to access your account page, but the geniuses who designed this site decided to redirect you from the account page every time you attempt to access it and send you to the verification page... In other words; they let you sign up and don't give you any way to delete your account.


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