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Some dream interpretation sources refer to visions of being naked in a dream to excessive timidness, inability to make important decisions and reluctance to move forward in life because of some personal characteristics or psychological traits preventing a person from exposing too much to other people.

Some of these traits can be brought about or inherited because of the way the person has been raised, some of them are imposed by the culture or society, including religious beliefs and traditions.

says, “In general, men can think about only one thing at a time, so when you’re naked, he’s not worrying about paying bills or making calls.” Women often complain that men don’t think of them enough, says Dr. But once you disrobe, there may be something unexpected on your man’s mind: baseball.

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These images are frequently interpreted as a fear of losing or letting go something important, in a more psychological respect, something a person holds private and unavailable for others to know about or even suspect.

These dreams can be triggered by meeting someone for the first time and who left a lasting impression or impact on the person who later had this dream.

) and those pesky stretch marks you inherited with pregnancy.

Even being married for a million years may not make you more confident about prancing around naked. Your husband isn’t thinking about those stretch marks He doesn’t care about any pregnancy “souvenirs.” According to Sussman, men are much less observant of our perceived flaws than we think.

One of the images is believed to show Jack grinning with nothing but a hat on in his bedroom, while another sees him in a bathroom with his jogging bottoms around his knees. The apparent leak follows Jack being forced to apologise after a number of verbally explicit tweets were unearthed.

In the response, Jack’s spokesperson said: ‘Jack is ashamed of these tweets, many were deleted a long time ago.

As a matter of fact, these dreams can become quite intimidating and frightening as deadlines are drawing closer and little time is left to catch up and take care of responsibilities in real life.

Another side of this vulnerability can manifest itself when dreaming about being undressed or stripped off clothes by other people or someone in power.

In fact, “they wouldn't notice a C-section scar or stretch marks if we didn't bring them up.” Her advice? Men are turned on by confidence, so flaunt the parts you’re proud of.

In fact, “they wouldn't notice a C-section scar or stretch marks if we didn't bring them up.” Her advice? Men are turned on by confidence, so flaunt the parts you’re proud of. You’ll definitely be on his mind then, though you may want to save your striptease for Just because sex doesn’t always last as long as you’d like doesn’t mean your husband is trying to rush though it.

*Mitch, from Des Moines, IA, says, “My wife is always in such a rush to get her clothes back on. Wilk says that research shows men want as much as women to feel attractive during sex.


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