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He advised that he had been chatting online with his girlfriend for a few years, but that she had traveled to a certain city in China (She did not speak Chinese) and was now being held hostage by unknown Subjects in this city.She was able to get to the phone occasionally to quickly call him and ask for help, but was otherwise unreachable.

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We always keep all details of our investigations completely confidential.

For education purposes, we obtained permission from two of our former clients to summarize the facts of their cases below.

We gathered additional information from the client and learned that with the exception of a few phone calls, his contact with his girlfriend had been entirely through text messages and email.

He had been sending her some hundreds of dollars every two weeks for the last two years.

He had been paying a Nigerian con-man hundreds of dollars for two years.

We advised the client that the con-man will likely start using the Client’s financial information he had gleaned over the last few years to steal whatever money he could, now that he knew the jig was up.

Both sign and all documents are officially stamped.

Client pays cash to the condo sales person and is given a receipt.

We did a quick check of some of the emails and found that they came from Africa, not from the Chinese city, from which the girlfriend supposedly sent them.


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