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Smyth also represented his country in the World Cup and the Alfred Dunhill Cup many times and was a member of the Irish team (alongside Eamonn Darcy and Ronan Rafferty) which won the latter in 1988.

It is clear to us that if there is not progress on the Irish Border, we will not be moving on to phase two [of Brexit negotiations] in December and that was reinforced to me ...

by very senior EU leaders.” The leaked report last week from Irish diplomats assessing the mood around Europe’s capitals reflected no partner issues with the current negotiating strategy, specifically the demand for movement on the Border in phase one.

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“Man as he came from the hand of his Maker was poetic in both mind and body, but the gross heathenism of civilization has generally destroyed nature, and poetry, and all that is spiritual.” — John Muir, letter to John B.

Not only was it unnecessary, he said, but he disliked the use of the veto in EU decision-making as a matter of principle.

Indeed, for many years Ireland has worked hard in the Council of Ministers to avoid using a veto, and even the word, acknowledging that it is a blunt instrument which may antagonise partners; better to join a consensus than thwart change even if that means occasionally taking a hit. In the emerging area of European defence co-operation, an area requiring unanimity, Irish diplomats have skilfully incorporated language in EU texts that makes a nod in the direction of our neutrality – again without mentioning the word – while at the same time demonstrating a willingness not to impede the rest from moving forward with their common projects.And Irish officials in Brussels say that there has been no dissent manifest at ambassadors’ meetings.The reported deal on the Brexit bill is unlikely to change that significantly.And dragging a perhaps reluctant Michel Barnier to places he would rather not go. Talk of veto threats usefully develops this narrative – it suggests weakness, “Ireland alone” battling selfishly against the 26, but able to wield, the suggestion is, what is ultimately the undemocratic weapon of the veto.It is curious and ironic in this context, how wedded to the veto the UK has always been, seeing it as emblematic of the ultimate sovereignty of individual member states.I have always been interested in getting myself an account with one of those casual sex websites like Be Naughty or something like that. A lot of the regular users are either seriously messed up the in the head(ie. Internet dating gets it's fair share of weirdos too but the pure 'hook up' websites are a new level. First thing Monday morning I'm going into Bank of Ireland to get a loan to start them.

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