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The doctor recommended Tylenol, ice, and some nice tight underwear or a jockstrap for the next 3-5 days.

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They gave me brochures and flyers to take home and I had to sign a document stating that I fully understood that this is permanent and irreversible.

The irreversible part is not entirely true but it is expensive and the success rate diminishes incrementally every year after the original vasectomy date.

The hole seals itself and there’s no need for stitches.

I had a local anesthetic injected in the area to numb the skin.

As mentioned earlier it really does look like a pale piece of linguine.

After the operation I was taken to the “recovery room”.

Since we were planning on getting pregnant in the near future anyway, an accident in this point would not be the end of the world.

Other than having to be reminded a few times in the beginning it went really smooth and was very reliable. Well, a year and a half later we got pregnant on our first try. I must say that pulling out and coming on your partner can be thrilling from time to time but after a while it starts to get old.

Our daughter was an exceptionally strong and healthy child and consistently off the charts for her size and weight.

Must have been that crazy vegetarian diet we were all on.

What if my partner is also killed in that same car accident and a few years later I find a new partner that wants to have children?

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